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What are you paying for your Business IT Services?

ProSplice Advantage-

Providing you a comprehensive menu of All choices available for your Business IT Services

  • No Cost
  • Assessment
  • Business Case Recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Continuous monitoring

Assuring you are connected to the latest, most efficient & cost effective services for operating and growing your business





Are you getting best value for your IT Dollars?

We begin with a no-cost current-state analysis of our client’s existing IT environment (who would refuse that…!)

This allows us to identify areas of opportunity for cost savings, consolidated billing etc

This also allows us to identify areas of opportunity for technology improvements

We are partner with over 180 service providers (Verizon,AT&T, CenturyLink, etc.) which enables us to build cost-efficient solutions with best-in-breed technology. Carrier/Service Provider Agnostic!

We bill millions a month with top national and global carriers which gives us a loud voice within the provider community and more importantly while representing your account.

Pricing data spanning multiple years to ensure the best possible configuration and pricing for each client.

We provide all clients with a dedicated customer care and account management team to ensure a smooth implementation.
The client service professional assists with the installation of ALL products Advantage is involved in. Again, No Cost
For the life of the services purchased through Advantage, we will provide ongoing support with trouble tickets, MACD’s, renewals, etc.

This will be supported by the same client service professional who assisted with install—the name of the game is continuity which is what the providers lack.

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